"Tied to our Roots"

Tied to our Roots is just as the name implies.  We have talked for a long time about sharing our lifestyle and love of land and family.  Our heritage is one of happiness and hardship, a deep love of the land and a spirit of perseverance.  

Strong women, we have been raised around them, raised by them and raised to be them.  We weren’t raised to be timid.  We were taught to be ladies but in accordance with the fact we could do and be anything we put our mind to.  We grew up driving tractors, branding calves, and working outside.  There are seven of us girls, each unique, each adding their own zing and flair to our bond, each very much needed in the grand scheme of things.


We all have homes of our own now, scattered across the country.  We still hold true to our heritage, still tied to our roots. We hope you enjoy coming along on our journey!